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You must love your neighbor as you love yourself.  Matthew 22:39

Pray for Peace in Ukraine
God of Mercy, we pray for Ukraine.
We pray for Russia.
We pray for all of humanity distorted by war.
For all the lives lost, homes destroyed and people displaced.
May the Spirit of comfort and compassion envelop all who dwell in fear.
May the Spirit of wisdom and humility guide our global leaders.
May we affirm the dignity and rights of all.
May we seek justice and peace.
Gracious God, bring your perfect love into our broken world.
This we ask in the name of your blessed Son.
Lord have mercy.
Step Out
of Your Comfort Zone
In his book, “Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt”, author Arthur Brooks, asserts that anger serves an important purpose – it can motivate us to resolve conflicts. Contempt, on the other hand, is harmful because it means that the person or group you are directing the contempt to is worthless and beneath even caring about.
His premise is that the current polarization in our country is a result of combining anger and contempt which results in disgust. Disgust causes you to believe the person is not even worth caring about, so you write them off and don’t take the time to truly understand someone else’s opinion if it’s radically different than our own. And in doing so, it becomes impossible to solve conflicts about the difficult subjects of race, religion and politics. 
One of the recommendations Brooks makes to help us learn how to productively engage in discussions about difficult subjects is to regularly get out of our comfort zone to learn from others who are not like us. Allies for Racial Justice has many learning opportunities to support this quest. Those who have participated in ARJ small groups and events say they have become much better equipped to talk with friends and family about subjects they previously avoided. Check our website for upcoming events, classes and other resources.  Allies for Racial Justice: Home   https://alliesforracialjustice.org
If you have participated in some of our ARJ events, we would love to hear what new learnings you have experienced and how this has affected your spiritual development. Feel free to email susan.dimick2@gmail.com to share your experiences.  We’d like to work them into future newsletter articles.
Another ARJ Live Theatre Performance
The Royale
Sunday, March 20 – 2:00PM
KC Rep’s Copaken Stage
Don’t miss this knockout, award-winning play!  It’s about a boxer, but not really about boxing. ARJ is pleased to offer a limited number of $30 discounted tickets so that we can enjoy this live performance together.  Invite your small group, your family or friends. But hurry – tickets must be purchased by March 18th.
The Royale is inspired by the real-life experiences of Jack Johnson, the first African-American heavyweight champion of the world. It is about the life of the outsider. Set in the midst of the 1950s Jim Crow era, it explores one man’s struggle, while at the same time reflecting much broader ones. Appropriate for ages 14+.  
The KC Rep’s Copaken Stage is located inside the H&R Block headquarters building in downtown KCMO at 1 H&R Block Way (Power & Light District). Parking is available for theatre patrons beneath the building.  For more information and mask and vaccination requirement policies, go to https://kcrep.org/event/the-royale/
To purchase your ARJ discounted tickets, CLICK HERE
Friday, March 25 – 10:00AM       Saturday, April 02 –10:00AM
Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center
Take a deep dive into the history of redlining and how it shaped and was shaped by Johnson County and the region. Learn about the 19th and 20th century foundations of redlining, how the private practice became federal policy during the Great Depression, expanded during postwar suburbanization, attempts to dismantle the system during the Civil Rights Era, and how the legacies of redlining continue to impact communities around the nation today.
This ARJ event includes a 45-minute tour led by a museum docent, followed by an optional luncheon at the nearby Bistreaux Restaurant. Tom Ventura and Anita Maltbia will lead the discussion.
Attendees are responsible for their own museum entry tickets and meal costs.  Sign up now for either Friday, March 25 or Saturday, April 2 event. Space is limited to just 20 attendees at each event so it’s first come, first served. Reserve your spot now by Clicking HERE
Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center, 8788 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park, KS 66212
Museum entry fees:  Adults $6, Seniors $5, Kids $4, Members free
Arrive 15-minutes prior to start of tour. Tour starts promptly at 10:00AM.
Bistreaux Restaurant – across the street at 8725 Metcalf Ave. Individual checks. Curious about the menu? Click HERE 
Getting to Know Our Partner Churches Better
Forging authentic relationships to eliminate the existing racial divide
in our communities and churches.
Let’s Share Our Lenten Experiences
If you haven’t signed up for a Lenten study yet, please consider what a great growth opportunity might await you at our partner churches. If you are a COR member – please sign up for a St. James Lenten study group. Or if you are a St. James member, please sign up for a COR Lenten study. You could also alternate Sunday services at each other’s location, in person or online/YouTube. Then hold discussions with family and friends about the things you didn’t know that you didn’t know!  Check these links for more information on classes and activities during the Lenten season:
Resurrection          cor.org/next                  
St. James     https://sjumckc.org
Both St. James and Resurrection have returned to modified in-person worship and gatherings while retaining the options for virtual connections.  Consult websites and sign up for weekly pastor messages to better connect within our two congregations
Other Information & Activities
National “Unlikely Conference”
March 9 – 7:00PM – Resurrection Leawood Sanctuary
Sponsored by the Global Faith Forum, the “Unlikely Conference” brings together leaders from different faiths for meaningful conversations. Our goal is to foster greater understanding and build bridges so that we can better love our neighbors. This multi-faith event will include participants and speakers from a variety of faith traditions. Hear leaders from the Islamic, Jewish and Christian faiths. You are invited to attend; bring a friend or neighbor with you. The Sanctuary at Resurrection Leawood, 13720 Roe Avenue, Leawood, KS 66224 is the hosting venue.
To learn more and register, go to unlikelykc.com . The event is free, but registration is required.  
A recording of the recent UMKC Martin Luther King Jr. Lecture is now available for viewing on the UMKC website until March 14.  Featuring Yamiche Alcindor with host Glenn Rice the event was organized by UMKC Division of Diversity and Inclusion.
          To view the recording:
2.    Enter in this password: MLK2022!
Technical Note: Embedded video will not work on a Safari web browser, you can follow the link on the webpage
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Testimony Exhibit – Closing March 27
Testimony embodies the power of speaking one’s own truth and of being called to stand in witness. The joint work of telling and receiving truth lays the foundations for community. This exhibition features the testimonies of more than three dozen local artists through their art. The museum was honored to invite the Kansas City-based African American Artists Collective to collaborate on this exhibition. Don’t miss seeing it.  For more information go to https://www.nelson-atkins.org/exhibitions/testimony/
Preserving Our Past
Kansas City Stories of Black History
Watch the 27-minute PBS video – “Preserving our Past: Kansas City Stories of Black History”. It features 5 topics and their historical impact on Kansas City. The five topics are the origins of the AME church, the establishment of birthing centers, a lynching in Kansas City of a man who was later proved innocent, two women who helped integrate South Park Elementary School in the 1940’s, and two World War I soldiers who should have received a medal of honor but did not. To watch it online click HERE
Read, View and Learn
Visit the Allies for Racial Justice website for great video and book suggestions that can help us better understand our differences, appreciate our similarities and establish Christ-centered solutions to end racial and social injustices.  Terrific selections for ARJ Small Groups!
Click HERE for all our recommended reading and video resources.
For more information on Allies for Racial Justice, visit our website:  https://alliesforracialjustice.org 
or join the conversation on Facebook:


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