How are you doing?

That’s the question we all are asking each other and trying to decipher for ourselves as COVID-19 continues to impact all facets of our daily lives. In the midst of this pandemic, while we all face a common threat, we each live with a different set of feelings, worries and circumstances.

It’s important that we reach out and connect with one another –virtually or six-feet apart – to voice our concerns and vulnerabilities. Sharing the burdens will lighten our hearts, enhance our friendships, strengthen our faith and help us become the community we want to be. Let’s be together while we’re apart!

ARJ Resources for Small Groups

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted minority and lower income communities more negatively than other populations. Your small groups may be interested in having deeper conversations about this disproportionality and why we still live in such a segregated society in the United States, including in our churches.

We put together a short list of resources, including books, videos and a prayer guide, with descriptions for small groups who may be new to these types of discussions. As courageous Christians, we pray that we will be inspired by the light God is shining on our fallen world and engage productively in these important and challenging discussions.

Click here to see our Small Group Resources.

Our Partner Church Activities During Virus Outbreak

St. James UMC

Pastor Cleaver invites you to connect with the St. James congregation during the Coronavirus stay-at-home order. Click here to learn more about streaming sermons and connecting throughout the week, including Wednesdays for the morning Pray Woke call and evening Bible study on Facebook.

Church of the Resurrection

Church of the Resurrection takes the health and well-being of our congregation, staff and community very seriously. Click here to learn more about how Resurrection is responding to the outbreak, and how you can connect online for worship, Wednesday night classes, activities for families, students and more.

Community Events & Activities

Community Remembrance Project of Missouri

Many of you are familiar with attorney Bryan Stevenson’s Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) and may have attended our 2019 events around the feature film “Just Mercy” and the HBO documentary “True Justice-Bryan Stevenson’s Fight for Equality”. Through its Community Remembrance Project, victims of racial terror lynching are memorialized and their stories told to help foster meaningful dialogue about race and injustice today.

Locally, the Community Remembrance Project of Missouri (CRP-MO) has now been approved to be part of the EJI Community Remembrance Project. CRP-MO will advance our shared commitment to challenging poverty and racial injustice, advocating for equal treatment in the criminal justice system, and fostering hope and reconciliation for marginalized communities in our State. For more information, visit The Community Remembrance Project of Missouri’s website.

Seven Days of Kindness – Redux

This year, SevenDays® Make a Ripple, Change the World went from a week of live events to online presentations. All sessions were recorded and you can now watch them on YouTube. The programs are designed to create community and demonstrate how hatred, bigotry and ignorance can be overcome by kindness and interfaith dialogue. St. James Senior Pastor, Emanuel Clever III, is one of the four featured speakers on the “Love Day Interfaith Panel”. Click here to watch.

Read, View and Learn

Visit the Allies for Racial Justice website for great video and book suggestions that can help us better understand our differences, appreciate our similarities and establish Christ-centered solutions to end racial and social injustices. Terrific selections for ARJ Small Groups!

Click here for all our recommended reading and video resources.